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Welcome to the home of Heating Innovations on the web.

Manufacturers of heating control systems and boiler link up specialists 

New upgraded H2 control system

Links solid fuel boiler with any automatic boiler.

New upgraded H3 control system

Solid fuel control system.

H4 control system

Links two solid fuel boilers together. 

New upgraded H5 control system

Links a solid fuel boiler with a ground or air source heat pump.

H6 control system

Links two automatic boilers together.

H7 control system

Links an automatic boiler with a ground or air source heat pump.

Upgraded control systems, introducing the Heat Leak Loop (patent applied for) 

Panel news

Richard from Chipping Campden contacted us July 2010 to tell us of his own experiences of the H2 and in particular the fuel cost savings he has achieved since incorporating H2 panel in his heating system.......... read more

A four-bedroom home in a small village outside Tunbridge Wells has become an unlikely pioneer in the battle against climate change.......... read more

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