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The H3 system was developed to control solid fuel free standing boilers, open fires and cookers with back boilers. The H3 will also control some gas fired  Ranger cookers quite effectively, especially with a programmer and room thermostat (not supplied) wired into control it.

The panel is supplied with both a cylinder thermostat and pipe thermostat that prevents the pump from coming on too soon when the boiler temperature is low, thus reducing corrosion to the heat exchanger.

There are also significant efficiency and safety benefits. This form of control is interlocked to switch off the boiler when the thermostats are satisfied, but also falls back to gravity circuit for slumber periods or power failures. A high limit thermostat will switch on the radiators if the system gets too hot and needs to dump the surplus energy.

November 2014 Upgraded, introducing the Heat Leak Loop (patent applied for)

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