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It is always nice to hear from our customers about the installation, operation and performance of their H2 control system. 

Richard from Chipping Campden contacted us July 2010 to tell us of his own experiences of the H2 and in particular the fuel cost savings he has achieved since incorporating H2 panel in his heating system. 

Have reproduced Richards e-mail in full without editing, all the figures are his own and apply to his particular system.



rb003.jpg (131011 bytes)

003 – H2 Panel installed in loft area

rb004.jpg (120362 bytes)

004 – Close up image showing H2 Panel

rb170.jpg (118932 bytes)

170 – Image showing installed Dunsley Highlander CH10 unIT

rb171.jpg (92851 bytes)

171 – Heat sink radiator installed in main bathroom

rb172.jpg (93763 bytes)

172 – Secondary heat sink radiator installed in airing cupboard

rb174.jpg (113142 bytes)

174 – Finished installation of H2 Panel with insulation

Richards e-mail: 

H2 Panel

We bought our property in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire in 2006 and, shortly after purchasing it, began extensive renovations throughout the entire building.

The plumbing system had to be completely replaced because of its poor condition and at the time we had an unvented system installed with a gas fired 28KW "Worcester" boiler. In addition to this, we had the fireplace replaced with a new Bath Stone hearth to burn as an open fire, and although the company made a good job of the installation the fire aperture was far too large in relationship to the flue and hence we regularly had a smoke filled room, so it was decided that we install a log burner type unit instead.

I contacted "Hetas Ltd" to get some advice and they kindly sent me their literature which contained advice on solid fuel link ups with both "Heating Innovations" along with "Dunsley Heat Ltd".

After some lengthy phone conversations I decided to have the "Dunsley Highlander CH10" multi fuel unit installed. This was provided by "The Heat Store Ltd" in Studley, Warwickshire, along with the H2 Panel from "Heating Innovations Ltd".

The plumber who had installed our heating system had not heard of this system and was also very busy so was not able to assist me, the rest basically said it could not be done and were therefore not interested. As I had been involved with heating and vent systems within my line of work, and was an electrician by trade, I decided to carry out the installation myself, and also keep a record of the installation costs and fuel savings. Dunsley Heating had informed me that the Highlander CH10 was a 20KW unit of which 14KW went into the water system and 6KW into the room, on full burn; hence it was producing half of the power of the gas boiler.

We changed our supplier to "Npower" in 2008 on a duel fuel basis and the gas meter reading taken on 7th May 2008 was 8863. A following reading taken on 24th April 2009 was 9970, giving a total usage for that year of 1107 cu feet, and a monthly direct debit payment of £221.00.

The new system became operational in May 2009 and a half year reading taken on 27th October 2009 showed 0011 which was 41 cu feet consumed. A letter followed from Npower telling us that our account was £598.39 in credit which was reimbursed, and that our monthly payments were to be reduced down to £140.00. The next reading was taken on 4th May 2010 and showed 0378 giving a total usage for the year of 408 cu feet. This left our account £246.98 in credit and they dropped our monthly direct debit for both gas and electric to £26.00 per month. So as a direct comparison from the year 08/09 to 09/10, our gas usage has gone down by some 65%, and I am mindful that 09/10 was the coldest winter for 30 years. I think therefore that the claims on Heating Innovations website of 80% savings are correct and it could be said on the conservative side that I am delighted that such a system can save so much money.

Our total costs for the installation, which includes building works for the widening of the chimney breast, came to just under £5500.00. As you can see we will recover all of this in 3 years or less, which in my opinion is quite remarkable, and I must congratulate Mike Smith of Heating Innovations not only for all the help he gave me but for coming up with such a great idea. Well done.


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