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  The H7 panel was developed so that and automatic boiler could be linked into a central heating system with a ground or air source heat pump, thus enabling both to contribute energy to heat the hot water and under floor heating / radiators. 

The panel is the hub that the automatic boiler and the heat pump are connected and either, can be used singly or both together.

The automatic boiler, usually operates at a higher temperature than a heat pump, the cooler the heat pump is run the more efficiency is achieved, but the most useful temperature is 40 to 45 deg C. 

When the automatic boiler and the ground or air source heat pump are run in unison the H7 panel automatically goes into link up mode. The return from the heating system or hot water recharge goes directly to the heat pump. Then the energy from the heat pump is redirected to the return pipework of the automatic boiler, which continues to add heat and lifts the temperature to serve the hot water and heating system.

When the heat pump preheats the return water to the automatic boiler it is not hot enough to compromise the condensing mode.

This makes full use of both appliances efficiently and does not waste any energy and is therefore more cost effective.

In link up mode when the flow temperature has reached a predetermined level the automatic boiler switches off and closes down the pipework leaving the ground or air source heat pump continuing to operate.

In this way, the automatic boiler can be used as a backup in cold weather conditions.

Either of the appliances can be used separately to run the heating system and the one that is not working remains cold.

A programmer is used to time the heating system with necessary thermostats for room temperatures and hot water control, making the system comply with part L of the building regs.




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