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Introduction to the H2 panel

The H2 panel was developed so that a solid fuel appliance could be efficiently linked into a central heating system with an automatic boiler, enabling both to contribute energy to heat the hot water, radiators and even under floor heating.

Solid fuel appliances work more efficiently at lower temperatures, with the automatic boiler adding the extra energy to lift the temperature of the flow water serving the heating system and hot water recharge.

The panel controls the balance between the solid fuel and the automatic boilers ensuring that when the solid fuel appliance is fired up all the energy is  efficiently distributed to the hot water and central heating system, only calling on the automatic boiler to top up when needed.

Should the solid fuel appliance be unattended and cool down, the automatic boiler takes over heating the system and closes down the circuit to the solid fuel appliance to prevent heat being wasted.

This approached of using the solid fuel energy first makes full use of both boilers efficiently and does not waste any energy and is therefore more cost effective.

The H2 panel is designed so that the temperature of the return water to the automatic boiler never compromises the condensing principle, in practice the automatic boiler is switched off before this happens, in these circumstances the solid fuel appliance has a high enough flow temperature to heat the system unaided. When the solid fuel appliance flow temperature drops, the automatic boiler is called up to assist again.

Available in 22mm and 28mm versions

November 2014 Upgraded, introducing the Heat Leak Loop (patent applied for)

How does the H2 control system work ? 

Basically there are three modes in which the H2 is operating.

Solid Fuel Mode  Running the system with only the solid fuel boiler working

Automatic Mode Running the system on automatic, with only the automatic boiler working.

Link-up Mode Running the system in link-up mode with both boilers working in tandem.

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