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Home Up Position Installation Wiring
Dry Well Thermostat Wiring

Loosen retaining screw and remove stat. 


. Loosen thermoplastic cover retaining screw


pull dial off


and remove thermoplastic cover.


Slide the wire through thermoplastic wiring port and connect earth wire to earth terminal. 

Terminals are clearly labelled, when temperature set is satisfied  the snap action microswitch makes terminals C-2


connect remaining two wires to 

a) C. Common (C) and

b) 2. Make on temperature rise (NO)

Please Note

1. Break on temperature rise (NC) is not used

Refit cover to thermostat and dial and feed wiring back to the H2 panel.


Refit thermostat, tighten retaining screw and set dial to 58 degrees C.

Back to the H2 panel.

Please carry out all normal safety checks to ensure there is no live wiring to the panel and then remove Honeywell junction box cover

Terminals are labelled 1 to 10 from the left in this photo, it will be from top to bottom for you

a) connect earth wire to single loose earth terminal.

b) connect terminal 1 on the thermostat to terminal 1 on the H2 panel junction box and

c) connect terminal 2 on the thermostat to terminal 4 on the H2 panel junction box

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