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Dry Well Thermostat Introduction

(also known as the  Pipe Stat,  Aquastat or Immersion Pocket Thermostat).

A dry well thermostat is supplied with the H2 panel, it is a very important link in the control system indicating the status of the solid fuel boiler, either the boiler is up to working temperature (58°C) or it is not, it controls the following functions

When the solid fuel boiler is not in operation it is isolated from the rest of the system, thus preventing the automatic boiler from wastefully heating the solid fuel boiler.

When the solid fuel boiler is first lit, or in slumber mode it is prevented from sharing its output with the rest off the system until it is up to working temperature, this keeps condensation and resulting corrosion in the fire box to an absolute minimum, extending the boiler life.

When the information that the solid fuel boiler is up working temperature is relayed to the control system, if the automatic boiler is also operating at the same time, the system will initially go into link up.


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