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Dry Well Thermostat Installation

Contents of the dry well thermostat box

dry well thermostat with dial and thermoplastic screw fixing for the wiring.


Loosen the dry well pocket retaining screw and.....


Carefully slide the dry well pocket off the copper bulb sensing element. Please handle with care.

The dry well pocket has a 1/2 inch BSP male thread so I will need a female fitting to screw it into. 


To accommodate the dry well pocket into the solid fuel flow I am going to use a 28x15x28 tee, one end reduced, a standard 15mmx1/2 inch straight female connector and a short  piece of 15 mm pipe (length of the pipe will vary depending on what type and brand of fitting you are using) 

I could have used a male connector and gone straight into the tee, but did not have one available

introduce the pipe to the brass connector and the pipe to the fitting.


To ensure the thermostat is as responsive as possible it is important that the dry well pocket is right into the solid fuel flow, as in the diagram below. Before I start any soldering I check it is sitting correctly by sliding the dry well pocket into the fitting


and screwing the dry well pocket into the 1/2 inch female connector. If the well is not right into the flow shorten the 15mm pipe until it is.


When pipe length is adjusted correctly, unscrew the dry well pocket and solder joints.


Wrap the 1/2 inch thread of the dry well pocket with sealing tape and screw into the female fitting


tighten with a spanner


Carefully slide copper bulb sensing element into the dry well pocket

When thermostat is completely home tighten the dry well pocket retaining screw and.......


Set dial to 58 degrees Celsius 


Installation complete we just need to wire the thermostat to the panel.

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