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15mm By-pass  Introduction

We want the dry well thermostat to inform the control system as quickly as possible as to any change in the status of the solid fuel boiler, the moment it is up to working temperature we want to share its output with the rest of the system. If the solid fuel boiler is in slumber mode we want to stop cold water circulating the through the boiler, if it not in use at all we want to isolate it form the rest of the system so that the automatic boiler is not wastefully heating it up.

Firstly I should point out that if your dry well thermostat is fitted directly into boiler then you do not require the solid fuel boiler 15mm by-pass, your thermostat will work perfectly well with out a by-pass. If however you are fitting your dry well thermostat into the solid fuel flow pipe the by-pass is essential to ensure a good gravity circuit past the thermostat under all conditions, see diagram below.

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